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Regarding Coverups

If this inquiry is in regards to a cover-up tattoo, please attach clear photos of the tattoo you would like covered. In addition, include any ideas of content you may want to use to cover the current tattoo. Keep in mind that flexibility is required in terms of placement, colors, and size.

Emails regarding cover-up tattoos that are missing any of the aforementioned information will not be answered.

Sorry! I’m not currently accepting new clients at this time.

Please visit to view the work of the other artists at my studio!

Keep an eye on my website and social media channels, as I may open spots for smaller tattoos randomly.

Clients are called no more than twice to book, and if they don’t respond, they get removed from the list. I get a lot of inquiries about booking, and it’s not fair to potential clients if someone is taking up a spot and not scheduling an appointment. Thanks for your support, I’m looking forward to doing some fun tattoos this year!

I also want to thank everyone for their continued support. I am eternally grateful and humbled by the kind words and compliments I receive from my peers, clients, and fans of my tattoos and artwork. Check back on my site often for updates about when I will be accepting new clients. Thanks again!

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We support learning from the work of others but don’t be a punk! Your clients deserve YOUR best work, not just a carbon copy of another artist’s efforts. We reserve the right to humiliate you if we find out you jacked our artwork or tattoos!